Welcome to The Mothers Project

The Mothers Project is a global-grassroots organization, powered by the voices of mothers, dedicated to protecting children in global communities. We stand for and promote the rights of children to live within an environment that has not been degraded by … Read More

Environmental Threats

What are we doing to our planet? Environmental threats are real and present dangers. The Mother's Project shall take a close look at each threat, how they affect our children and those yet to be born. It is our mission to protect those most vulnerable. We look forward to bringing you detailed information, resources and information regarding each threat to empower you to action, make positive change and most importantly to protect the children and families in your area.


Mountain Top Removal

Tarsands Impact on our Changing Climate


Compression Station

Pipe line

Millineum Pipe Line

Sustainable Options

Sustainable Options are a necessity. We believe that we cannot raise issues without assisting to provide solutions. The Mother’s Project is committed to promoting Sustainable Solutions.




Climate change